Residence Zhao: Is that a challenge? In his youth, Zhao studied firebending under Jeong Jeong, but stayed under his tutelage only as long as necessary to learn destructive maneuvers, rejecting his master's attempts to teach him discipline. Zhao and Zuko fought an intense Agni Kai in 99 AG. Ozai took this as an insult, a sign of unforgivable weakness, and burned his son's face, banishing him soon after. Iroh attacked Zhao's team in retaliation, causing him to flee from the scene. An Agni Kai is a firebending duel fought for one's honor in the Fire Nation, and there were three Agni Kais in total throughout the series, the most famous being the one in which Zuko got his scar. Ozai, viewing a nonbender as firstborn as \"shame\", planned to cast his son over the palace walls. [10] Zhao made use of the highly skilled Yuyan Archers to capture the Avatar, demonstrating his mastery of allocated efficiency. His relish in seeing Zuko suffer showed just how cruel Zhao really was.[9]. [3] Zhao was a major enemy of Team Avatar in most of the events leading up to his siege of the Northern Water Tribe, during which he killed the Moon Spirit at the Spirit Oasis. Centuries later, two and a half years before Avatar Aang awoke from the iceberg, a thirteen-year-old Prince Zuko attended a war meeting along with his father, Ozai, and his uncle, Iroh. Zhao and Iroh were briefly interrupted by a disguised Hahn, but the admiral simply grabbed the charging warrior and threw him overboard. An Agni Kai didn't have to result in death, Zuko knew, and in fact, it was more traditional that it didn't. Zhao was the leader of the Fire Nation Navy for a brief period in early 100 AG. Fire duels have been fought for hundreds of years. However, he secretly had the banished prince's crew interrogated. However, Zuko intervened, shielding Katara from the attack, but ended up severely wounding himself because of the lightning's passage, which came dangerously close to his heart. Last appearance Zuko initially told Zhao that the damage was caused by crashing into an Earth Kingdom ship, but Zhao sensed that he was hiding something. However, Zuko manages to break the commander's stance. A Dark Dragon sits on your throne oh great Nation. Zhao trying to convince Shinu to give him command over the Yuyan Archers. Asake said angrily. The ambitious commander and wayward prince began a verbal argument, which ended in Zuko challenging Zhao to an Agni Kai. However, his mistakes and struggles lead him to realize his destiny … Zhao eventually found his way to a small Earth Kingdom village on his way up to the North. Male On the second day of the siege, Zhao's forces managed to penetrate the city's walls. Continuing, Zhao explained to Iroh how years prior he had stumbled upon the secret of the Moon Spirit's mortal form in an underground library while serving as a young officer in the Earth Kingdom. As the infant seemed to lack the \"spark in [his] eyes\" that is typical for most firebenders, the royal family was unsure if Zuko was a bender at all. This fight takes place in the Agni Kai arena where Zuko and Azula fought in the series finale. [3] He was trained by Jeong Jeong to become a master firebender and, as one of the most powerful men in the Fire Nation, took it upon himself to capture Avatar Aang, thus becoming a rival of Prince Zuko. Using Fire Lord Sozin's old trap, Zhao managed to capture the Avatar again. Enemies Zuko: An Agni Kai… The two face off while Iroh watches. Fog of Lost Souls, Spirit World [2] When fighting Aang, he fired many larger than normal blasts of fire without any strain and having to charge.

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