At the point where the calamity happened, day and night shifts are employed for the rapid prosecu- tion of the work. j ALEXANDER CAMPBBLL MACKIB, an Edinburgh oab- man who had been drinking heavily, ended his life by cutting his throat with a razor. So that practically we are teaching the whole world how to successfully meet us in the very direction where hitherto we have reigned supreme. Thanks for your help! Thanks to the doubt that numerous cheap illustra- tions, each widely differing, have engendered. 82 48 58-188 Pte. THE publication of the Ruskin poems has again been deferred. IJORD WBMYSS regards it as a scandal and a dis- grace in a free civilised country that men willing to work should be prevented from doing so by Trades Unions." Two men were found to be racing almost neck and neck tor premier honours, These were Private Muirhead, of the 3rd Lanark, and Sergeant Milner, 2nd V.B. r- t1.1g on 67 to the 65 of Muirhead. the picturesque district of Hasle- mere, in the neighbourhood of Aldworth, his Surrey seat. This siding is 225 yards long, and at the end there was a -dead wall, so to t speak, of earth and rock, the siding as a matter of fact being constructed on a decline in the side of the cutting, the rails running from the surface Co a point about 35 feet above the base of the canal. The injured are Lee, Doyle (whose brother was killed), Smith, and Firth. He is the young heir and chief of the famous clan of Brandenburg. They lay down on their mats and got off their sighting shots, Milner firing first, and being only able to make an innerlwhich his opponent topped by a bull. OUT of 593 loans in operation by the Wesley*s Chapel Committee, amounting in all to £ 52,336, so punctual have been the repayments by trustees that only El 3s. C. W. Wattleworth, 2 V.B. Swan, to use his own words, simply fell off anyhow," escaping with cuts. For, despite the continual complaint which is being raised that society is becoming too large and promiscuous a body, it is still within such compass that the effects of the mvsterious epidemic with which we were revisited in the spring were felt throughout. SAMUEL WINGBR, who has just died in Pittsburg from burns, makes the seventh member of his family who has met a violent death. Woodhouse, 2 Hants Ar. Muirhead, 3 Lanark 2 5 2— 9 89.46.65—200 Sergeant Davidson, Canada 88 43 66-107 Sgt. The sole cause of the catastrophe was undoubtedly the act of Pratt, the lad in charge of this switch. and Sel. Meanwhile, com- missioners from the United States are in London engaged in the endeavour to make the condi- tions of the World's Fair known to intending exhibitors both here and in the provinces and it is thus abundantly evident that no stone will be left unturned to make the exhibition a success. G. Sturmer, I Northamptonsh. By Gary Skentelbery on 10th August 2020 2:14 pm News. THB human heart is six inches in length, four inches in diameter, and beats an average of 70 times per minute, 4200 an hour, 100,800 times per day, and 3,681,720 times per year. Sicard is much beloved by her associates, and as she rode through the city streets in a handsome chariot decked with roses and camellias, she was loudly applauded. Not improbably Byron was tracked down by some liberated convict whose capture he may have effected. Raggett, 3rd Glamorgan 90.43.57—190 Surg. CIIARLKS HUFFMAN, a Monticello (Illinois) bride- groom, dropped dead of heart disease at the altar on the conclusion of the wedding ceremony. W. Law, Galloway R.V. 90.37.63—190 Sergt. M'Kenzie, 4th S. Rifles 83.43.60—186 Sgt. The full names of the victims are not given on the memorial. indeed, never been bright from the beginning, for the dulness with which it opened became perfect gloom as the influenza appeared and claimed so many fashionable folk as victims. J. OSCAR MCCOE was shot dead by Robert Th,et- ford, near Port Gibson, Louisiana. TOUCHING the question of fees, a north country vicar writes to point out that he was recently admitted to a perpetual curacy worth nothing a year and no house. Resend Activation Email. SUSPENSION OF THE ENGLISH RIVER PLATE BANK. A loud cheer broke forth, and no doubt discomposed Muir- head to some extent. The canal is operational today and transports over 7.5 million tonnes annually from the Mersey into the city; The project employed 16,000 men at its peak and used over 6,000 wagons and 124 steam-powered cranes; The digging of the Manchester Ship Canal was one of the most grueling tasks a Victorian labourer could have the misfortune of working on. In the latter part of the last century, when sentimental systems for the education of chil- dren were being industriously elaborated by philosophers, one theorist held that the proper way to awaken them was by discoursing music by their bedside, and he himself was partial to playing a flute under those oircumstances. Slum clearance was declared over, only for the buildings which had replaced the slums to start rapidly crumbling in turn. The Queen lost Y-40, and, what was worse, her Royal cloak, which she in de- speration staked on a card. This platform is approached by a decline of slightly easier gradient, and just at the bottom of the dip is a switch by means of which waggons running on the main line are turned off on to a I' siding to enable any train coming in the opposite direction to pass along. Craig, 4th West Surrey 85 40 61-186 Private Cherley, 2nd BderRgt 88.38.59—185 Capt. He really had no call to shoot, as the Silver Medal was already beyond his grasp, but he did so, and made an inner. Lincoln, who however found ample compensa- tion in the shape of the more important golden trophy. William Waddington's wife was the only child of Svkes, an Englishman, born in Hollaed, and a lineal descendant of the sister of the Richard Penderel who sheltered Charles II. Interest, too, was heightened by the international cha- racter of the coming struggle. Derby, the latter of whom had increased his 87 by 46 at the first range, and thus started two points behind the Scot at the cond. Simultaneously 14 men who had scored aggregates of 181 shot a tie for the last place in the 100. Hall, 1st Rox. Barrett, 2nd Norfolk. 4d. Theoysters themselves are not directly affected by it, but their round shells are completely tunnelled in all directions and covered with mud, while the flat valves which are clean remain uninjured—facta which point to the ravages being caused by some enemy working from below. The drivers and firemen of the Northwich and Altrincham escaped destruction by taking a flying leap from their engines, but sustained injuries consisting of cuts and broken limbs.

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