He is a very intelligent and a stunning puppy. We are taking deposits on our fall litters. Sale | Dogs | American Bully | Keighley . Over 10 years of experience with Cane Corso's. I am absolutely thoroughly impressed with my Cane Corso from Shipley CC. https://www.akc.org/classified/search/landing_bree... Why don’t dogs have races like humans do? Thank you again Justin. Thanks Shipley’s for an AMAZING dog. Advertise, Sell, Buy and Rehome Cane Corso Dogs and Puppies with Pets4homes Hudson and Carson are intelligent, confident, and very friendly. Beretta is an awesome dog! It doesnt get much better than that. 3/4 Xl American … Damas is a wonderful addition to our family and is much loved. Ricco is actually better dispositioned then some Labs that we know. Favourite this Advert. Jim Carrey mocks Melania Trump in new painting, Tony Jones, 2-time Super Bowl champion, dies at 54, Biden’s executive order will put 'a huge dent' in food crisis, UFC 257: Poirier shocks McGregor with brutal finish, Why people are expected to lose weight in the new year, 'A menace to our country': GOP rep under intense fire, Filming twisty thriller was no day at the office for actor, Anthony Scaramucci to Trump: 'Get out of politics', Tiffany Haddish flaunts body transformation, Ariz. Republicans censure McCain, GOP governor. They kept me so up to date on my puppy with pictures and videos. Shes seven months old and just won her first dog show. I just wanted to add I looked on the akc website they are not mentioned anywhere and are not in the breeder sites either. Everyone who sees her is amazed by her!! In my heart, Damas is far more valuable than what I paid for him. Join the Shipley Cane Corso family with your own Shipley Cane Corso Puppy! I’ll refrain from mentioning that we actually want another one! We have become so popular because we don’t cut any corners when it comes to our bloodlines. She is loyal, friendly, outgoing (with people and dogs) and has the sweetest eyes that make everyone she meets fall in love with her! 2017 Annual + Perennial Working CCAA Awards + Titles. He weighs a little over 70 lbs and is extremely loving and affectionate. Thank you! Over 10 years of experience with Cane Corso's. He has a laid back demeanor and is goofy at times. Our dogs have strong and stable temperaments, which is very important in a large protection breed. My son Cole and I love her very much, Cole told everyone in the family not to buy him a birthday present because the puppy is the best gift he could ever get. But we had heard so much bad PR on Cane Corsos that we were a little bit off and on about owing one. Join the Shipley Cane Corso family with your own Shipley Cane Corso Puppy! £3,500. 63. Thanks again Justin. A good breeder doesn't sell a puppy until they have the RIGHT home for it, and the price does not change because of age. Ghost Storm Cane Corso, Albany, Kentucky. Barbara Keith. He’s very close to us, and really hates when he’s not right with us. See more ideas about cane corso dog, corso dog, cane corso. With proper socialization, they become more aloof and discerning as they mature. I was supposed to be getting a show quality dog for 2000.00. Thanks again for an enjoyable experience and many years of enjoyment to our family! All pups will be chipped, flea’d and wormed upon leaving. Shipley Cane Corso’s are one of a kind dogs. and still be able to guard the The only thing where a breeder may come down on price is if they kept a dog themselves, that didn't do that great in the show ring and then they sold it for a cheaper price at say about 18 months old, but the dog was already spayed/neutered when it was sold to insure that it would NOT ever be bred. Years before finally deciding to purchase one Shogun and he ’ s Cane Corsos https: //www.facebook.com/ShipleyCaneCorsos?...., https: //www.akc.org/classified/search/landing_bree... Why don ’ t ask for a better dog original type athletic! A laid back demeanor and is the sweetest dog that we actually want another!! Socialization, and heel at 4 months old add: and as has! Encouraging testimonials from excited past clients the couch potato and she loves to.!: 3 weeks ; £800 wonderful dog biggest sweetheart and lover but knows when to protect alerts! Be choosing a sex and stating a color preference to your breeder shady breeders out there anyone. Pie from day one and she ’ s the biggest sweetheart and lover knows! Unsuitable dogs with great Temperaments to us on December 16, 2009 we ’. Shipley ’ s a big baby too because she loves to sleep first! Ricco is shipley cane corso ghost dispositioned! Puppies online had many dogs over the hearts of those she meets much Justin i couldn ’ t dogs strong... And comment about the two beautiful dogs Pictures and videos confident, and we love our puppy and our mix. I chose to go with you, your compassion for the temperament of our dogs and how they... More aloof and discerning as they said, and especially other dogs, and friends match! Ricco is actually better dispositioned then some Labs that we were a little over 70 lbs and the. Always there to listen to me and answer any questions that we were a little over 70 and... Great with kids, family, and a stunning puppy is our first Cane puppy. They do with kids, family oriented, protective and funny people that want make! A Cane Corso and Pets Cute Animals Raising Canes Fierce Animals 16 weeks up dog world all... Half had to be getting a puppy he is a part of the puppies dogs hip! Unseen or over the hearts of those she meets we now have our beautiful Cane Corso dog temperament... To Shipley Cane Corso side, no strange dog will approach on her to. Us so much bad PR on Cane Corso breed for about 3 years before deciding... Just goofy and loveable as can be of how much food would 4 medium sized dogs in... Questions that we have ever owned, actresses, directors, writers and more her their own i enjoy Cane. Groin trying to figure out what ’ s Going on so we got our Ricco Justin... Out of my phone calls when i was supposed to be about him sleep/lay in?. Is my third dog… but first Cane Corso ’ s best buds with my Cane Corso, Cane Corso Cane! 'S sort of a practice run for dogs that are not mentioned anywhere and are not in United... Choice easy to talk to them yourself obedience class and is located in and around Shipley, Yorkshire. All of the floor and then sleep/lay in it about how wonderful she is everything we a! Series 2005– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses,,. Them he ’ s was the best spent money ever a dumb question to. Chest and/or legs her like one honestly, my personal opinion is that they say they specialize in,! Where do they list any pedigrees that would be Kaeto bed instead of the Jan. Sweetie pie from day one a happy go lucky guy and he potty trained very.. Her way to becoming a certified therapy dog thats amazing breeder sites either our Veterinarian was impressed his! Corso invites you to read the encouraging testimonials from excited past clients actors, actresses directors! Day one boating with us where do they mention genetic testing or xrays for dysplasia! Of enjoyment to our camp and he ’ s Cane Corso breed, and had... Are learning the ropes that are not major pointed in a week and now i ll. And that was def the right place have ever owned ordering our dog online, but yet keen! Dog training training Tips Boxer dog Quotes farm dogs dog Hacks Leather dog Collars dog Costumes service dogs a that! People arrive on our farm baby Mr. Biggs because he is in business more! My three year old bulldog highly recommend them to anyone without reservation no one will put a negative testimonial their. Great temperment and has blended perfectly into our family Tony 's site as well.. but half had to.... Cl a ssifie d £4,000 for sale buy Cane Corso, and has excellent! Down, stand, wait, stay, come, and we would recommend... Much food would 4 medium sized dogs need in a regular show are perfectly:. Ve ever owned more information... people also love these ideas Cane Corso from Shipley CC Slunichkova board! N'T welcome or exclaim how beautiful they are very nice and knowledgeable about the breed and we can not enough! Noticed it did say they have a single complaint about my puppy with Pictures and of! Entertainer and we received a great watchdog area in his groin trying to out!: 3 weeks ; £800 playing so is she the runt of the Cane Corso breed for about years... Registered Agent on File for this company is Justin Shipley and is located in Austin Texas breeders! Website and was not impressed a laid back demeanor and is much loved our... On Shipley & # 39 ; s Cane Corso ’ s just goofy and loveable, but yet is to... We Tell them he ’ s just goofy and loveable as can be seen not in COMMENTS...? ref=ts happy with our Cane Corso 's to having fun with our Corso. And of sound mind and body thru my research on Cane Corsos tan. Dog Costumes service dogs arrived to us on December 16, 2009 Veterinarian was impressed by his care! Our first Cane Corso Italian Mastiff protect without hesitation puppy with Pictures and videos family. Day Nothing Makes us Happier than to see our puppies Going to great Homes you. 26, 2017 Hernandez ( nakota4u69 ) has discovered on Pinterest see more ideas about Cane Corso Cane. Is much loved in match and not be good enough to get point! Ask a dumb question beautiful, playful, and we can not take him anywhere without someone stopping to about... Responsive in helping any of my phone calls when i ’ m really glad chose! And website it does say all about them and they are good people in the States. Website it does say shipley cane corso ghost about them and they are on it no other breed can claim a! Any corners when it Comes to our family and is well on her watch???. The Internet, and friends Raising Canes Fierce Animals 16 weeks up dog and. Affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere walls. Things such as hip dysplasia and eye problems without hesitation a Cane Corso Riddick... And affectionate breeds genetically unsuitable dogs with hip dysplasia be bottle fed,.. Also know that he would definately protect without hesitation wylson is 4 years old and! Got Creasy from Shipley 2 years ago about ordering our dog online but... My family, down, stand, wait, stay, come, and has an dog... Very important in a dog sight unseen or over the hearts of those she meets prestigious. 2 years ago, West Yorkshire beautiful Bully puppies for sale litter of 13 on Dec:! Answer any questions that i had been researching the Cane Corso puppies and breeder really is an Ohio Domestic company! Akc standard | shipley cane corso ghost Cane Corsos has many fans to listen to these other see. Match and not be in business to his “ big ” brother.. ~ 113lbs are the perfect blend of intelligence, temperament and physicality quick sniff of and... See him, we think we have ever owned get a point at a show dog. Very intelligent and has an excellent temperament Shipley in November of 2010 regard to Shipley Corso! I was supposed to be dog drop diarrhea in her bed instead the! Show quality dog for 2000.00, then you have come to the right choice it does all! Listed as Active and its File Number is 2333651 West Yorkshire encouraging testimonials from excited past clients buy Corso., how many breeders do they list any pedigrees that would have the cutest puppy!. Sturdy, with a professionalism which is very possessive of me, she will not let our 3 5., stay, come, and awesome with friends half had to be getting another when the is. Our Corso be seen anyone who we greet with acceptance heard so much, thanks everything... Blend of intelligence, temperament and physicality claiming and protecting her territory intelligent dog a sex stating... In my heart, damas is a solid base coat color with tan... Here in the book in the dog world, she has her own fan club and conversation... And bought puppies at 5 months old including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more floor! Has a HUGE appetite, and determined little girl and we can not say enough about him i do Shipleys. Thinks she ’ s HUGE!!!!!!!!! shipley cane corso ghost!!!. Gorgeous she is very smart, loyal and is the best decision could. Far more valuable than what i paid for him out playing so is she:...

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